"Carmen and Lola" take to The Americas

“Carmen and Lola” will participate in the ninth edition of the Alimentaria México food fair, to be held between 1st and 3rd June 2010 in Mexico City.

Between these dates, the most important food and drink fair in Latin America will become an unmissable rendezvous for national and international professionals from industry.

Whilst there, “Carmen and Lola” will offer the visiting public the most delicious flavours from the Mediterranean diet and will thus try to increase their distributors and importers on the American continent.

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The best products from "Carmen and Lola" at the click of a button

Shortly the virtual store of "Carmen and Lola" will be activated on this website and you will have access to a wide range of Spanish products. In the initial stage the shopping availability will be limited to mainland Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands. Soon you will be able to visit the store in English and the distribution will reach the rest of Europe. Easy and simple. From the comfort of your own home you will be able to order the best cold meats, preserves and wines. You will receive your orders at your address and within 48 hours.

The American disembarkation, the new phase of the expansion of "Carmen and Lola"

The "Carmen and Lola" team are working on establishing their first distribution warehouse in Miami, U.S.A. We hope that it will be up and running within the next few months. It will mainly deal with the Horeca chain, supermarkets and delicatessen stores. The disembarkation in the state of Florida will mean opening the door to the American market, a market that continuously shows more interest in Spanish products. Each day there are more people supporting our wines, and it is increasingly more difficult to get a table at a Spanish restaurant.

The presence of "Carmen and Lola" is confirmed in Foodex 2010

Foodex 2010, the food and beverages trade fair that takes place in Japan every year will this year include the attendance of the "Carmen and Lola" brand. The professionals of the food and beverages sector will introduce their different representative products of Spanish food such as hams, nougats, preserves and by all means, wines.

Foodex 2010, will take place between the 2nd and 5th of March (both dates included) in Tokyo. It is the 3rd most important international gathering within this business field, closely behind the Cologne and Paris food and beverages trade fairs. By its geographic location, it constitutes a perfect opportunity to establish relations with the Asia-Pacific region.

In addition, Japan is a great importer, due to the fact that according to the ICEX sources, it only has a capacity of self-supplying hardly 40%.

An excellent welcome to "Carmen and Lola" in Russia

The V Wines and Foods of Spain Conference in Russia that took place in Moscow and Saint Petersburg in October obtained a brilliant result both in attendance and reviews. It was the first time that "Carmen and Lola" introduced their products in the difficult Russian market that is dominated by the importers. The prospects were very flattering.

The most demanded products were both the varietal wines belonging to the actual brand and the "tapas". All those present agreed that the launch of the "tapas"packs was a great move considering that this gastronomy figure is a clear reference of Spain throughout the world.

Thanks to this opportunity "Carmen and Lola" have already established different contacts with importers that will be making the entrance into this vast market possible.

"Carmen and Lola" were present in the V Wines and Foods of Spain Conference in Russia

"Carmen and Lola" were one of the exhibitors present in the fifth edition of the Wines and Foods of Spain Conference in Russia that took place on the 27th of October in the Radisson Slavianskaya Hotel in Moscow and on the 29th in the Astoria Hotel in Saint Petersburg.

This exhibition was organized by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Moscow, together with the ICEX (Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade) and the Chamber of Commerce of Toledo. Its aim was to attempt to bring the representatives of quality Spanish products and the local wholesalers are increasingly more interested in Spanish food and drink closer.

Moscow and Saint Petersburg are the largest Russian markets, reason why it was a very interesting opportunity to participate in this gathering and be able to introduce ourselves in this great country with a significant trade potential.

"Carmen and Lola" have a catalogue that includes a wide range of representative products of the Spanish gastronomy, such as cold meats, preserves or nougats, without forgetting the wines, both red and white. Their idea is to distribute quality products that grasp the essence of our Spanish table. Their "tapas" packs is a perfect gift allowing Spain to travel around the world.

Bronze medal in the 30th edition of Anuga (food and beverages trade fair) in Cologne.

"Carmen and Lola" have conquered their international audience in the last edition of the most important fair at a world-wide level within the agro-alimentary sector: Anuga. In the tasting competition, the judges, formed by sommeliers of highly acknowledged prestige granted the bronze medal to the 2007 Audius Vendimia 2007 wine, which was distributed by "Carmen and Lola". It is a Red wine that is part of the extensive range of wines that "Carmen and Lola" supply, also including several of their own brands. 

Visitors from all continents visited the "Carmen and Lola" stand, showing special interest in the "tapas" packs. The exhibition stand was displayed in an attractive red box with a modern design, and included different versions: both wine + preserves or only preserves. They are all the best quality products representative of the Spanish gastronomy, such as Iberian ham, anchovies, artichokes, mussels, mushroom mousse or the "piquillo" stuffed peppers. The wines that are included in these packs are from the "Carmen and Lola" brand. Five varietal wines were highly requested by the international public: Tempranillo, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Verdejo.

Anuga Trade Fair takes place every two years in the German city. On this occasion there were more than 190 Spanish companies present. Destined to professionals of the food and beverages sector, it is the perfect showcase to get to know the new tendencies in the world of food and drink. It is also a great opportunity to attract new clients. For "Carmen and Lola", this 2009 edition has been great a success.