The History

behind Carmen & Lola

Carmen and Lola’s history is like the history of so many Spanish families: the history of two women who lived in times where life revolved around the kitchen, and if you were not a man, you did not have much of a chance of leaving the kitchen. But despite those years in black and white in Spain, the women knew how to fill the lives of those that were by their sides with colour. There were two women that did not have much in common (one was from the north, and the other was from the south), except for their love of serving good food at the table. We as their grandsons were lucky enough to enjoy the magic that came from their hands. Carmen was a woman of the sea, from whom we learned things such as how to preserve tuna each season or to enjoy a good glass of wine whilst a fresh fish that had just arrived from the market was slowly roasting in the oven. Lola had her own orchard, perhaps for that reason the flavour of a tomato or red pepper was truly appreciated. Only the person that works in the fields with their hands knows the real value of what we eat. She would prepare a delicious onion marmalade, always in enormous amounts, “I do not know how to make it for less than 20 people”, she said whilst she wiped her hands on her apron.

We inherited the best of the Spanish culinary tradition from them, and whenever foreign friends visit us, they request that we make them one of the delicious meals that Grandmother Carmen or Grandmother Lola used to make. But from now on, it will not be necessary to come to our country to enjoy the essence of the best Mediterranean food, because thanks to “Carmen & Lola”, your table will be filled with colour and flavour.

“Carmen & Lola” is a tribute to the past in this present time. You can enjoy in your own time something as Spanish as our `tapas´, taste our best wines and rediscover the pleasure of Mediterranean food. We select the best products from the sea and the earth to take them to your table at any corner of the world. As our grandmothers said and as we continue saying in Spanish homes: “Qué aproveche!” (Enjoy your meal!)